(Darkness Attack Records)

Battle Helm Rating

To say that I have any idea what the Philippine metal scene is like is to say that I can tell a birch from a pine. I have very little knowledge about that scene. So I cannot tell you that much about DEIPHAGO even though it is a name I have seen floating about in the underground. This split with AMPÜTATOR is like a blast from the past. I come to think of Canada’s Blasphemy when I listen to the DEIPHAGO side. This is primal and very basic. Almost to the point of noisy. But it is very honest. AMPÜTATOR have apparently split up way back in 2014 so I have no idea where these tracks are taken from. But I can say that AMPÜTATOR are too very basic and primal. And noisy. If that is you thing this is a split you should track down. This is not the stuff that is on top of my black metal list even though I have heard enough of it over the years. And can therefore appreciate it for what it is. if you like me, like early Bathory (Especially “The Return”) you are gonna appreciate this too. Anders Ekdahl

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