Delain – “Lunar Prelude”


Delain – “Lunar Prelude” EP (Napalm Records)

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Hot off their latest album “The Human Contradiction” comes this EP that is burning red from the massive amounts of touring Delain have been undertaking with bands such as Sabaton, Within Temptation, and Nightwish, followed by a European headline tour that saw them conquering stages in sold out venues all over! On offer are two brand new tracks in ‘Suckerpunch‘ which is a fast tempo symphonic epic rocker with its extremely catchy chorus topped off orgasmically by Charlotte Wessels angelic vocals and some stunningly atmospheric keyboards – simply magic! Immediately contrasting this comes the ethereal ‘Turn Out The Lights’, a more romantic ballad with flowing violins, delicate keys but also at times a stylish dance beat thanks to Timo Somers guitar and the chopping rhythm, atop of which Wessels brings her vocal highs once again to mesmerizing effect. ‘Don`t Let Go‘, from the aforementioned album, is given a rework with a harder and more emphatic dance beat that literally has the razor like guitars and rhythm stamping in those catchy grooves and Wessels employing a more sultry vocal posture this time round. With no less than five live versions of their latest album tracks including the rapturous ‘Stardust’ and incredible ‘Army Of Dolls’ next it’s clear that Delain are gearing up listeners for yet another round of massive 2016 touring! Concluding with an orchestral instrumental version of Suckerpunch which provides an interesting classical contrast to the band’s symphonic rock, it’s clear that Delain have come of age and become masters of a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of emotions!

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