DÉLÉTÈRE ”De Horae Leprae”

”De Horae Leprae”
(Sepulchral Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Québécois Black Metal is a genre all its own. If you aren’t familiar with it, you should google it to find out more about the bands. DÉLÉTÈRE has with ”De Horae Leprae” created a concept album about a leper. As ambitious as it sounds it is not pretentious in any way. This is pure unadulterated black metal fun from start to finish. If you don’t care for the concept you can just listen to this as any other black metal album. musically this is one of the stronger albums I have heard this month, perhaps this year. I have totally fallen in love with it. This has all that I want from an album, the intensity, the speed, the strong songs but most importantly the ability to make me stop doing what I am doing and just sit there and listen to it. That to me is the mark of a great album. Anders Ekdahl

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