DELIA “Recollection”

Had it not been for Euro 2012 not many would have known much about the Ukraine. For us with a greater knowledge of metal we’ve known about the metal scene in the country for a while now. And with the World’s eye on a totalitarian regime in its demise we can only hope that full democracy will come to the Ukrainians too. Until that happens we can show support by supporting the Ukrainian metal bands. I like Nightwish a lot and subsequently I like all bands that have followed in the wake of the Finns success. DELIA reminds me of a Tarja era Nightwish without Tarja on vocals. There is that same dramatic effect to DELIA’s. Add to it a Celtic/Irish feel and you get an image of where this symphonic metal band is heading. I’m a huge sucker for this kind of metal and this album does not disappoint me. On the contrary. This turned out to be a really cool metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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