DELIVERANCE “The Subversive Kind”

“The Subversive Kind”
(Roxx Records)

Battle Helm Rating

There used to be a rather big white metal movement back in the days. With bands like Believer and DELIVERANCE flying the flag for the heavier end of the specter. I was never much for DELIVERANCE. I was much more into Believer. But now it is 2018 and Believer are nothing but a memory but DELIVERANCE are back with a new album. The first in in 4 years. This is not really a comeback as such. I didn’t care too much for them back then and I don’t care too much for them now either. Some things don’t change with time. This is thrash metal with hints of industrial and speed. To my ears this is too one dimensional. It lacks that flow that a really good album has. Not bad to the pint I want to turn it off but still not good enough to warrant me to put it on repeater. Anders Ekdahl

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