Demon Lung – “Pareidolia”

Demon Lung – “Pareidolia” EP (

Music to make Manson mellow – these four hippies hail from Las Vegas and have clearly spent time wandering the desert LOL. Mixing the occult rock of 60s bands like Coven with the psychedelic doom of early Black Sabbath they predictably play heavy downtuned riffs with heaps of reverb but also feature the trippy vocals of one Shanda Frederick, who seems to follow in the footsteps of similar women like Jex Thoth and Jucifer. Although only 20 minutes long, what I like about songs like ‘Sour Ground’, ‘Death Mask’ and ‘Lament Code’ is not just their authentic classic sound but that they are genuinely dark, with Frederick’s contrasting soulful voice only seeming to make them even more menacing LOL – in that respect, Demon Lung are to be feared, very feared indeed….so go make peace with your maker before this commune rolls into your town.

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