Demonbreed – “Hunting Heretics”

Demonbreed – “Hunting Heretics” EP (Testimony Records) 
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Following on from their 2016 debut “Where Gods Come To Die” comes this impressive 5 track EP from this old school German death metal band. Taking their inspirations from the likes of early Entombed, Bolt Thrower, and Edge of Sanity, what stands out is how they’ve crafted massively catchy compositions here resplendent with hooks, meaty grooves and devilish melodies. It’s hardly a surprise of course, when you consider that each member has done time in at least 5 prior bands including Valpurgisnight, Lay Down Rotten, Milking the Goatmachine and Carnal Ghoul – all making for some very serious musicianship and composing skills! Equally the band’s confidence of not feeling unduly confined to their genre but rather having an ethos to delve even deep into its potential is what makes the difference here on “Hunting Heretics”, which not only makes immediate impact but compels you to repeatedly listen to it. Driven by the skilled twinned guitar work of Daniel Jakobi and the multi talented Ferli Thielmann who also handles all the power drumming and production, there’s plenty of contrasts from ominous whirring riffs to diddly dee warbling gliding comfortably alongside beautiful if dark melodies using plenty of tempo changes to elicit maximum effect on songs like ‘Fear The Verdict’, ‘Suprema’ and ‘Deadly Superstition’. Completing the circle are Jost Kleinert’s bestial drawls and primordial roars, totally in synch with the music and adding massive atmosphere (not to mention menace!) to this excellent EP.  If you truly worship old school death metal, then you will be one with Demonbreed! 
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