DEMONHEAD “Black Devil Lies”

“Black Devil Lies”
(Fastball Music)

Battle Helm Rating

This Aussie band is just one of many bands that make some noise for themselves homewards but might not be that loud elsewhere. But with the help of people like me they will start to spread their name on this side of the world too. I have ever since the 80s had a special place in my heart for Aussie metal. it is cool to see that still in the new 20s there are plenty of cool bands to discover from down under. DEMONHEAD give us a real dose of groove metal. it is melodic and it is up tempo. Full of life this is a real stomper of an album. to my ears this is modern heavy metal. I missed out on the debut album but this new one makes up for that loss by giving me a real smile of joy. Anders Ekdahl

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