Demonic Death Judge – “Skygods”

Demonic Death Judge – “Skygods” (Inverse Records)

Wow – talk about a throwback to the 90s! These Finns remind me a lot of Brit noise sludge crew Iron Monkey during their “Our Problem” era. Ultra heavy stoner noise thick riffs, Stonehenge drumming, and most of all, screaming-like-no-tomorrow vocals! If that wasn’t enough to smash some decibels into your fried out brain, DDJ also chuck in some Shamanic melodies which is enough to send songs like ‘Aqua Hiatus’, ‘Nemesis’ and ‘Cyberprick’ right out into the far beyond, cos that is what they are – totally fuckin massive man, you can feel the earth shake as the gods fall outta the sky on this one – RIP Johnny Morrow, you got the last laff after all mate!

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