Demonical – “Black Flesh Redemption”


Demonical – “Black Flesh Redemption” EP (Agonia Records)

Monster Swe-death from the steaming sewers of Stockholm! Formed by ex Centinex members in 2006, Demonical play uncompromising Swedish Death Metal just the way I like it – thick, filthy, distorted guitars chundering out diddly dee melodies and twisted wailing solos matched by a colossal chopping rhythm and Sverker Widgren’s growling guttural vocals. Whether fast or crushingly heavy, Demonical strikes both viciously and victoriously on songs like ‘Throne Of Perdition’, ‘To Become The Weapon’ and ‘Cursed Liberation’. Of course its all been done before by Grave, Entombed and Dismember but I’m a self confessed addict of this old school style and when it’s played to an equally high standard like Demonical have done on this tantalizing 4 tracker then “Black Flesh Redemption” becomes yet another irresistible fix for my Swe-death lust!

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