DEMONICIDUTH “Valley Of Decision”

“Valley Of Decision”
I believe in neither God nor the Devil. I really don’t care if you sing your praise to the one above or the one below. You can whatever religion you may as long as the music you make is good. OK, there are exceptions to the rule. I do have my standards but basically I believe in the right of free speech and we at Battle Helm are strong believers in the right to express yourself any which way you like. Which brings us to the Swiss band Demoniciduth. Whenever I get a letter that says that “we have a stand on our local square where we debate with atheists and Muslims” I know that this will be as hardcore believers as Watain or any other of those black metal bands that take their music as serious as religion. Just on the other side of the stick. So, what do they sound like then? Is this 100% waste of time and effort? This is Christian black/death metal but not anything like Horde. This is quite heavy. And not a waste of time and space. I like it. There is a charm to it and the fact that you don’t really hear any of the lyrics should entice all you into good black/death to check it out. Anders Ekdahl

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