dEMOTIONAL – “STATE: In Denial” (Dead End Exit Records)

I always wondered what would happen if you took one of these MTV boy bands and made them sing metal core – well, look no further than Sweden’s dEMOTIONAL! Resplendent in matching suits and eyeliner along with crooning harmony vocals and heaps of mello-pop melody, dEMOTIONAL also roll up those silk shirts to show their heavy tattoos along with a hard edge. With the twin barreled vocals of Christopher Kristensen (Screams) and Nils-Petter Nilsson (Clean) driving songs like ‘Gone’, ‘I Tried’ and their hit ‘When She Cries’ which got them over 12,000 views on YouTube and over 18,000 visitors on Myspace, are ably complemented by their national trademark of matching melodic guitars that certainly add the power when they need to. Formed only in 2009, this is a bold move into the pop world (or by the pop world? – ed) and whilst I would imagine girls are who they’re mainly aiming at, they also have something to offer any dudes who have to chaperon them to a concert anyway.

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