dEMOTIONAL “State Of Denial”

”State In Denial”
(Dead End Exit)
This is a Swedish band that I have no idea where they come from both geographical or musically. But seeing as I like to discover new acts I’ll dive head first into this one. I like the word play that the band got going with demotion/emotion. I can honestly say that I haven’t paid any attention to Dead In April or what the hell it is that they are called. For some reason I can’t stand their poppish metal. I do like Sonic Syndicate and somewhere in between I find dEMOTIONAL. This is modern metal (what the hell that is) that mixes extreme metal with more mainstream. So if you like the concept of bands like Linking Park but feel that they are too soft you have dEMOTIONAL to check out. In small doses I can take this but over a full album I feel that it gets a bit too samey and I lose focus. But this might be an album that grows on me with time once I’ve figured out what they’re all about. Anders Ekdahl

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