DENDERA “The Killing Floor”

“The Killing Floor”
I can’t say that I jump up and down from excitement when a record by an English band land on my steps. That ship has sailed a long time ago. But as they say; hope is the last thing to leave man and I really hope that DENDERA will be another great English metal band. It’s been awhile since last. I couldn’t help feeling that this was like a heavy metal version of Sabbat (Andy Sneap and Martin Walkyrie’s old band). There is that dramatic feel to this that there was to Sabbat, yet totally different in sound. This is pure heavy metal. Think NWOBHM 30 years later and you get a picture of where the sound lands. This is all that Iron Maiden, Saxon and Judas Priest was when they were younger. This has all that energy. Throw in some German Gamma Ray or Iron Saviour and you get an even better idea of what this metal band is all about. Cool metal, period. Anders Ekdahl

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