Denial Fiend – “Horror Holocaust”

Denial Fiend
“Horror Holocaust”
(Ibex Moon Records)

DF are an old school crossover super group made up of: Terry Butler (Massacre, Death, Six Feet Under, Obituary) – Bass; Sam Williams (Down By Law, the Spears) – Guitar; Blaine Cook (the Accused, the Fartz) – Vocals; and Rob Rampy (DRI, the Spears) – Drums. Not surprisingly with such a line-up they have already played LA Murderfest, Central Illinois Metalfest, and Fuck The Commerce amidst a European tour! With hints of Slayer to Celtic Frost to Poison Idea to Corrosion Of Conformity, and lyrics still revolving around horror and slasher movies, I acutally found tracks like ‘A Fiend Without A Face’, ‘Stuck Pig/Bleeding Out’ and ‘Hell Asylum’ somewhat bland with Blaine’s vocals taking quite a bit to get used to – sorta a cross between wailing and trying to chuck up LOL! Then again, a lotta punk / metal bands in the 80s had a similar ‘style’ of having no structure or being fairly off the wall in their sound – and these guys should know, they were there from the beginning!

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