Denner / Shermann – “Masters Of Evil”


Denner / Shermann – “Masters Of Evil” EP (Metal Blade Records)

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Straight off last years “Satan’s Tomb” EP comes this new 8 tracker from Mercyful Fate’s original twin guitarists, Michael Denner and Hank Shermann, who continue that cult band’s style under their namesake band! Joined by Cage’s Sean Peck who bravely – and ably – steps into King Diamond’s big shoes and legendary drummer Snowy Shaw, “Masters Of Evil” is even more Mercyful Fate sounding than its predecessor and goes a long way into defining how that band might have sounded today had it continued. Built around the unmistakable guitar sounds of Denner and Shermann, whose trademark evil riffs and neo classical soloing are finely complemented by Peck’s soprano wailings, songs like ‘Son Of Satan’, ‘Pentagram And The Cross’ and my personal fave ‘The Wolf Feeds At Night‘ will appeal to anyone into Mercyful Fate as well as lovers of traditional heavy metal, especially given the vintage style sound production. Beyond the darkness, there are bountiful sombre melodies that go even beyond that of Mercyful Fate, the use of subtle grooves and an all around classy level that shows this new found collaboration is truly coming together!

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