Michael Denner should be known to everybody with even the slightest interest in metal for his great contribution to the style we love and die for. If you haven’t heard of Mercyful Fate you’ve either lived under a rock for the last 3 decades or you’re new to metal and needs to be educated. To be honest I haven’t that much confidence that I will like this. Apart from King Diamond I haven’t been that keen on anything that the other Mercyful Fate members have released on their own. And this isn’t that album either. I guess that because you are a member of a great band it doesn’t mean that you automatically write great albums on your own. Sometimes it is the whole that is stronger that the individual. There are tracks on this album that are decent enough but me and Michael Denner don’t come from the same era. I’ more of a metalhead and he’s more a hardrocker. Anders Ekdahl

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