Battle Helm Rating

At first I thought that I hadn’t heard of DENY. It turned out that I had heard them before. On a compilation called Container Rock. Not that I remember anything from that one. BÖSET is a new acquaintance. This is a split between two Swedish hardcore/crust bands. Three tracks each. On a 12” vinyl. Yeah, I know. It is a bit too little. Once you get going it ends. And you have to turn sides. I kinda regret not remembering anything from the first time I heard DENY because this is some seriously good stuff. If you like Anti Cimex you will like this too. A real jawbreaker. BÖSET has a different sound. Much more hardcore but equally as good. A classic Swedish hardcore sound like it was done in the past. This one left me wanting to hear much more from each band. I have to look deeper into each bands discography. This is too good to miss out on anymore. Anders Ekdahl

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