DER FINGER “Le cinque stagioni”

“Le cinque stagioni”
(Toten Schwan Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I never fear walking the path not walked before musically. I will try everything once just to see if it is for me. But with this album from DER FINGER I fear that I might have trodden where I might not trod again. But seeing as I do like Naked Lunch and Painkiller, or at least did back in the 90s I will give this one a listen. And as I expected this is way out there. At times I’m not even sure if this is to be called music as it seems like mostly pieces of sounds being glued together. But in all this chaos and noise I do find myself listening to it and even getting something out of it. This is to say the least an interesting record that will only appeal to the few. If you are familiar with Swedish band Bob Hund you might have some sort of faint idea what this is all about. Anders Ekdahl

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