DER GEIST “The Pain we Don’t Feel”

“The Pain We Don’t Feel”
I haven’t paid too much attention to the Italian label AvantGarde lately. Can’t remember the last time when I heard a band from that label. But thanks to the promo package that they sent me I know have the chance to re-acquaint myself with some of the bands on the label. First out is DER GEIST, an entity shrouded in mystery. This is what I’d call dark metal. It is neither nor but very much in between. This is the kind of metal that reminds me of so many bands that I have a hard time keeping them all apart. You get an Opeth feeling in some parts and you get more of a death metal feel in other parts. What I do know from listening to this album is that their mix doesn’t taste foul in any way. This is actually pretty good extreme metal. It should have the potential to appeal to everybody from die hard Opeth fans to the more open minded melodeath freaks. Anders Ekdahl

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