Battle Helm Rating

Hell yeah!!! This is what I need right now. Some good old Italian power metal. You don’t know what you miss until the cow has left the barn. I didn’t know how much I craved Italian power metal until it heard this the 7th DERDIAN album. This is a band that I feel so close to yet haven’t heard a single note from before. From looking at the logo of the band I can tell that I have seen the name floating about in the metal scene for ages. Why I haven’t picked up on them until now is a mystery to me. This has all that I crave from an Italian power metal band, the OTT arrangements, the melodies from heaven (hell), the epic feel of ancient times, the symphonic feel. I find it hard not to like this. And in reality there is nothing that I don’t like about this album. This is one of those album that rises my spirit to an all time high. Anders Ekdahl

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