Desaster – “Live In Bamberg”


Desaster – “Live In Bamberg” 2CD / DVD (High Roller Records)

‘…we may not be as pretty as Steel Panther, but we have much bigger balls!..’. No kidding, formed over 25 years ago,  Desaster remain one of the lynchpins of Germany’s underground thrash movement. Unsurprisingly, their influences go right back to the days of Venom, Hellhammer and Destruction in an early blackened thrash style defined by hoarse, guttural vocals, ultra raw guitars dishing out evil warbling melodies and possessed pounding drum work on crude chainsawing songs like ‘Divine Blasphemies’, ‘Hellbangers’ and ‘Evil Arschloch’! Don’t be expecting anything refined either in the lyrics or the musicianship – Desaster are hardcore fans themselves who play for their rabid audiences both in Europe as well as far as South America – and it’s reflected in their OTT delivery that delivers to the max live. This package was recorded at a special 25th anniversary show with a handpicked set list taken from all their numerous releases, but moreover chosen so that all their previous members could guest onstage – even old vocalist Okkulto had an online song poll – as a special treat to fans and supporters of the band who came from all over to make merry mayhem with the band. Still with founder member Infernal on ‘Six Silverstrings of Hellish Crossfire’, “Live In Bamberg” is probably the band’s most ambitious project especially in the 2 hour DVD, but Desaster have pulled out all the stops as per their shows in creating an equally matching OTT package graced by an Axel Hermann cover that is fitting testimony to their cult status. If you ever wanted to know about German underground old school thrash then this is the one for you – a sweat drenched bierkeller bomb – from a band that play n live it from the time they were born to their end of days with no regrets or mercy!

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