(Maculata Anima Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is one album that I didn’t know existed. And that I am glad came my way. This is some sort of melodic death metal. I say some sort as there is a difference to my ears between melodeath and melodic death metal. DESCENT INTO MAELSTROM has a distinct heavy metal feeling about their death metal that adds to the feeling. Starting out as a one-man project this is now a full band. I have no idea how that shows in the music but I like what I hear. There is vibe to this that appeals to me. an almost melancholic feel. Which makes this a bit atmospheric melodic death metal. At times I get an almost rural feel when I listen to this. Like I am sitting under a tree smelling the flowers like the bull Ferdinand. Perhaps not that death metal but what the hell, I never said I am all black and death all the time. Anders Ekdahl

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