Desert Near The End – “Hunt For The Sun”


Desert Near The End – “Hunt For The Sun” (Total Metal Records)

Feel the clash of sword and shield! Thundering war metal that plays on ten throughout, these Athenians are as stout as their ancient war ships that smashed the Persians asunder. Furious double bass drumming sounding like a chariot charge, booming battering ram bass and some of the fiercest guitars that I’ve heard in a long time, both for their riff furor but also their deep and heavy sound, make for perfection on this excellent steel hard sword of epic power thrash! Formed in the late 90s, the usual line up changes took place before solidifying in 2012 into this second album’s battle formation, which incidentally works a treat. Best of all, their sound, along with their atypical name, definitely has a classical style in the same vein as early Manowar, melded with the melodies of Maiden and the savagery of Amon Amarth, although truth be told, favors none of them in any great quantity to produce an original sound of their own. Alexandros Papandreou’s vocals are equally different, being neither clean singing nor throat strained hoarseness, but a suited style in between that adds to the essence of the band’s epic glory – awesome! Along with a continuing saga in this second concept album, Desert Near The End show in no small measure that they are not only a band in their own right, but one more than ably fit to take on others in the bloody battlefields of metal!

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