DESOLATE SHRINE “The Sanctum Of Human Darkness”

“The Sanctum Of Human Darkness”
(Dark Descent)
I have already made arrangements for my burial. I don’t want a Christian burial. I’ve donated my organs to whom best needs them and my body to education. No burial six feet under or in a shrine for me. No, when I’m dead I want my spirit to be set free. Yet I can appreciate the grandeur of a shrine, even more so if it’s a desolate one. Dark Descent seem to have carved a niche all their own releasing albums by bands that are somewhat off the trodden path. Desolate Shrine are no different. This isn’t your ordinary garden variety of black bleak metal. There is almost a controlled Deathspell Omega aesthetic to this album. As if there was a greater concept behind the music. As much as I appreciate Deathspell Omega I’ve come to appreciate this too. I don’t know what it is but there is something to this album that I can’t fend off. Anders Ekdahl

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