DESOLATION “Screams Of The Undead”

“Screams Of The Undead”
(I Hate/Growls From The Underground)

Battle Helm Rating

I thought I knew of DESOLATION when I was handed this album at Gefle Metal Fest but upon checking it out further I was wrong. This band is new to me. This is the band’s second album. The first one they released independently thropugh I Hate but for this one they have the joint forces of I Hate and Growls From The Underground behind them. Perhaps this will mean that guys like me will from now know of the name DESOLATION. As I checked out the band I noticed that back in 2014 they released a demo with the same name that only have one track in common with this album. Not that it matters in the greater scheme of things. I just thought it was a nice peculiarity. Musically this is old school death metal to my ears. I hear traces of the Boss heavy metal pedal guitar sound as well as Entombed and Dismember. As I had no prior knowledge of this band this one really impressed the shit outta me. Now I need to track down that very first album too. Anders Ekdahl

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