Destrage – “Are You Kidding Me? No.”


Destrage – “Are You Kidding Me? No.” (Metal Blade Records)

WTF? Definitely the most talked about Italian rock band right now, Destrage are not just famous for looking like five different attempts by Dr Frankenstein to perfect his monster, but actually sounding like it! Fusing math metal with alt punk, electronica and even classical, Destrage celebrate diversity, seeing it as a natural human condition so they compose by way of incorporating band members ideas that fit into the overall core theme of a particular song, hence guaranteeing a musical fit and flow – all done by way of Post-its apparently! Well, it certainly works on eclectic songs like ‘Where The Things Have No Colour’, ‘Purania’ – which I swear has a line saying they like the Spice Girls – and ‘Hosts, Rifles & Coke’ that are to be commended not just for their impressive song arrangements but that occasionally two styles get overlaid in one track without any ensuing chaos! If there is a common theme it’s in the radio miked vocals of Paolo Colavolpe that more than once sound like RATM’s Zack de la Rocha, especially when there is a punchy rap rock beat behind it, but otherwise still sitting confidently amidst flowing harmonies, ambient beats and electronic soundscapes. With their celebrated melting pot of talented styles, it’s little wonder Destrage are fast becoming international festival favorites – and not just at metal shows – so their boundary breaking has clearly gone from the studio onto the live circuit big time. Be there and see what it’s all about.

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