Destruction – “Live Attack”

Destruction – “Live Attack” 2CD+DVD / 3LP / Blu-Ray (Napalm Records)
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Well, it doesn’t get any better than this – Destruction, now signed to Napalm and releasing a monster 22 track live album – now that’s gotta make any old school thrasher’s day!!! One of the pillars of German thrash metal, Destruction have kept the flag flying high with pride since 1982 and continue to this day with founders guitarist Mike Sifringer and vocalist / bassist Schmier. Recorded during the pandemic as a livestream concert at the famed Z7 Club in Pratteln (Switzerland), close to the hometown of where the band were formed, ensuing fan demand for a physical product was such that it was impossible not to release something! Intended as a special show to reconnect to their fans, “Live Attack” takes the best from Destruction’s 40-year career, featuring classics like ‘Mad Butcher’ alongside rarely played live tracks like ‘Reject Emotions’, making this a real treat for any fan and thrasher in general, completed by exclusive show insights and behind the scenes footage. Whilst the likes of ‘Rotten’ from the band’s latest album “Born To Perish” and ‘Thrash Till Death” from 2001’s “The Antichrist” are definite bangers, being a fan since 1984’s “Sentence Of Death”, I continue to go rabid for the primitive savagery of “Antichrist” (from 1985’s “Infernal Overkill”) with its huge, dark riff inducing instant possession, galloping double bass drums and Mike’s wild guitar work. It might be simple but man, is it ultra-catchy – and deadly! Accompanied by ‘Bestial Invasion’, also from the same album, and featuring an absolutely shredding riff and warbling on overdrive, the twin guitar aspect of Mike and Damir Eskic makes it even more potent here as the steam rises from Randy Black’s (Annihilator, Primar Fear) relentless pistoning drum heads – awesome. Ending this monumental set with the mutha of all old school monsters in ‘Total Desaster’ (from “Sentence Of Death”), the ominous main riff just sends a shiver down my spine just as it did when I first heard it as it’s piled on time and again along to Schmier’s rumbling bass and hoarse vocals while Black goes for broke in his double kick beats – superb. The fact that the performance ends with ‘Ave Satani’ (from the 1973 film “The Omen”) followed by Frank Sinatra singing ‘Strangers In The Night’ makes it all the more insane! Quite possibly the best livestream concert recorded during the pandemic, the slew of concerts already lined up for this veteran band indicate that Destruction have not just weathered the lockdown storm but are ready to recommence their onslaught.
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