DESULTORY ”Through Aching Aeons”

”Through Aching Aeons”

Battle Helm Rating

This is DESULTORY’s last album ever. A finer swansong you’ll have a hard time to find. I did miss out on their fourth album but I was there for the demos and the first 12” EP. So it is with both sadness and pride that I say goodbye to them with this album. But it doesn’t get any better than this. This is some of the harshest stuff you’ll ever hear from DESULTORY. This is death metal with no barrels held, This is really going out with one fucking massive bang. Which makes me sad realizing that this is the last we will hear from them. But if you’re gonna go you’re gonna go with the flag held high. And that is one thing that is certain. This is a monument, a testament to the strength of the Swedish death metal scene, past, present and future. It doesn’t get much better than this. Anders Ekdahl

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