DETEST “The End of All Ends”

“The End of All Ends”
(Stormspell Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I thought that with a name like DETEST I would be in for a thrash metal ride but apparently I am not. This is much more heavy metal than anything else. There is an edge to this but that only makes it harder and heavier heavy metal than anything else. I know that DETEST are being described as a power/thrash metal band but I don’t really hear it. These are not new songs. They are in fact songs written between 1986-95. I am a bit ashamed that I have never heard of them until now. This was not a band that I had any demos by back in the day. And hearing this today makes me feel that I actually missed out on something good back then. This is a fine testament to a band that should have made it. Anders Ekdahl

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