DETIETI “Frogressive Punk”

”Frogressive Punk”
([Addicted Label])

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To say that this is eclectic stuff is to state the obvious, it is an understatement. This is as eclectic as it gets in my universe without it being totally bullshit. In a way this reminds me of the stuff John Zorn did/does. Some sort of twisted jazz/funk/punk/rock/whatever installations. Because that is what this feels like, some sort of art installation. Not that that has to be anything negative. But this is not the stuff you put on when you want to cuddle with your girl. And since I don’t condone the use of drugs I am not gonna say that it is best to be stoned when you listen to this to get he max out of it. But as I am sober I have to do the best of it and just ride along in the universe that DETIETI creates. Anders Ekdahl

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