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Battle Helm Rating

I have an on/off relationship with DEUS OTIOSUS. From time to time I do come upon a new album by them and then they slip into relative obscurity, Why I don’t know because this Danish band is one of the better I’ve heard. They have a sound that is harsh and go for the throat. I always think of them as a death metal band but I would really like to call them deathrash because that description fits them like gloves. This new album has a really matching title. “Opposer” really sets the tone for the album. From the first note you know that this is gonna be one hell of an angry album, and not angry like Pantera or something equally “bajsnödigt” but angry as in a band pissed off royally. You are sweaty and tired like you’ve gone 16 rounds with the band once the album is over. And that to me is a good sign. Anders Ekdahl

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