DEVIL “Magister Mundi Xum The Noble Savage”

“Magister Mundi Xum The Noble Savage”
(Soul Seller)
With a name like Devil (no, not the Phantom’s dog) you kinda expect this to some sort of black metal, at least in the vein of Witchfynde or Witchfinder General and in a way it is too. This is retro hardrock that has a lot in common with the early NWOBHM bands like the aforementioned but also draws heavily from the whole 70s hardrock scene. I guess if you like The Devil’s Blood, Witchcraft, Grand Magus or any of those kind of bands then this will be to your liking too. I gotta admit that I like this new wave of retro bands that we’ve seen popping up the last 5-6 years. Not everything has to be super brutal evil to be good. You can be just a s cool and evil by taking it cool too. Anders Ekdahl

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