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Battle Helm Rating

I often wonder if there is something off with me electric grid, if the devil is in it because at times my lights blink in that creepy horror movie kinda way. But I guess that is just the system being overloaded, even in Sweden. But I really do hope that the devil stays in this band’s name and does not move to my electrics. I really like this new doom vibe that is going on right now with bands that draw equally from the 70s blues as well as Black Sabbath. Bands like Psychedelic Witchcraft and Blues Pills are high up on my list of really cool retro bands. But I think I have to add DEVIL ELECTRIC to that list because this grooves like a beast in heat. I can’t stop digging this. It is almost to the point of me not being able to write this review. That is how strongly I feel about this album. Definitely the highlight of the week. Where do all cool bands come from? I don’t know how much more my heart can handle being this blown away time after time. Anders Ekdahl

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