DEVIL “Gather The Sinners”

“Gather The Sinners”
(Soul Seller)
The first time I heard about DEVIL I thought that they were a new Norwegian black metal band. But apparently I could not have been more wrong. This is supposedly as much black metal as Witchfynde is today (yet they were/are black metal). Instead you should expect a more 70s hardrockish sound. Apart from the obvious Black Sabbath references this makes me think of Chicago’s Trouble and their first two albums that were borderline doom metal. This to me is what I’d call “flum rock”. This is as stoner as it gets without it being stoner rock. If you have a thing for slow, doomish hardrock then this Norwegian band is just up your alley. If Black Sabbath mixed with Witchfinder General and Trouble is your thing (as it is mine) you really should check this out. Anders Ekdahl

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