Devil To Pay – “Fate Is Your Muse”

Devil To Pay – “Fate Is Your Muse” (Ripple Music)

Goddamn – prime stoner sludge from the Indiana wastelands! Reputedly inspired when singer / guitarist Steve Janiak was hospitalized in a drug-induced coma, these backwoodsmen lay on the juice with syrup thick riffs from dirty guitars, fuzz toned bass and shed smashing drums. You could hear Devil To Pay if they were playing in the middle of the Ozarks! Still, they have a prime rockin edge that shifts songs like ‘This Train Won’t Stop’, ‘Wearin’ You Down’ and ‘Black Black Heart’ into a higher gear compared to their more weed hazed cousins. Janiak’s own vocals mix in Jerry Garcia with even a little Danzig in his more soulful moments but overall DTP is one of these balls out bands in the spirit of Karma To Burn, COC and the mighty Scissorfight.

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