DevilDriver – “Trust No One”


DevilDriver – “Trust No One” (Napalm Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Awesome, simply awesome. There’s no limiting the talent of Dez Fafara, and with this new line up, he’s found a crew to match him! “Trust No One” takes DevilDriver to the apex of their career, bringing together hyper aggression with massive grooves and also heaps of melodies. The arrival of Austin D’Amond (drums) and Neal Tiemann (guitar) has been nothing short of a turbo boost with the former’s mammoth drumming just all over this album and Tiemann joining existing guitarist Mike Spreitzer to produce a dueling twin axe attack to rival that of In Flames during their peak when melodic – and those monster riffs, OMG, they’re nothing short of titanic, hitting you right in the guts and reverberating all over the place – can’t wait to hear these live! Not forgetting Fafara himself, who continues his aggro vocal style, yet is very much understandable, the DevilDriver pack is completed by Diego ‘Ashes’ Ibarra’s deep, rumbling bass. This album gets straight to the point, title wise, musically and lyrically and its etched into driving songs like ‘This Deception‘, ‘Testimony Of Truth‘ and my personal fave ‘Daybreak’. Talk about lucky number 7, but “Trust No One” is one album you can indeed trust to deliver in its 10 unbelievable tracks.

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