Devildriver – “Winter Kills”

Devildriver – “Winter Kills” (Napalm Records)

Devildriver’s music is made for the mosh pit. A veritable mix of chundering Cally groove, melodies and Dez Fafara’s low n raw vocals, I’ve experienced his devil many a time in many a field and felt the fear! “Winter Kills” is the band’s 6th album and despite leaving Roadrunner (who’ve they’ve been with since their beginnings in 2003), ironically marks a return to that early sound, yet also sees a shift forward. Produced by Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, Battlecross, Chimaira), the melodies do indeed sound more mellow core and are very prominent in the mix of songs like ‘Gutted’, ‘Curses And Epitaphs’ and ‘Tripping Over Tombstones’. What’s given way is a slight reduction in their bottom heavy rhythm, although Devildriver’s aggression is undoubtedly still there if now more sharper and focused. Most of all the signature sound of Fafara’s hoarse vocals and those meaty grooves remain untouched, proving there’s definitely no identity crisis going on here – even though everyone’s grown up a little it’s all very much the Devildriver that we know – and should still fear.

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