DEVILFIRE “Dark Maneouvres”

“Dark Maneouvres”

Battle Helm Rating

BIRMINGHAM. All should know of this British town. It is like 101 metal history lesson. And no, I will not help you by naming bands from this town. If you don’t know them already you need to go back to the school bench. The only name I am going to drop is DEVILFIRE. I gotta say that I didn’t expect much from this lot based on the way they look but boy did the blow me away. If you like up tempo melodic hardrock with a sleaze edge you will totally love this. That they at times remind me of a mix between Whitesnake and Hardcore Superstar is just a bonus in my brain. This is one of the coolest hardrock albums that I have heard in a very long time. I am not going to say that they bring back memories of a greater British time but they do. This is just so bloody good that I find myself at a loss for words. Anders Ekdahl

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