DEVIL’S BRIDGE “Endless Restless”

“Endless Restless”
(Fastball Music)

Battle Helm Rating

This one is a new one for me. But since I love discovering new bands this one will be taken on with the greatest respect possible. Just by judging the band name I am led to believe that this can be of the more extreme kind, but that does not have to be true. Everything will be much more clear once I let this one spin. Modern melodic metal might not give you aby greater knowledge about what you are about to experience, but since it did say melodic I for one got interested. As much as I love my extreme metal, as much do I love my melodic metal. And this one did turn out to be a really nice one. It got that chugga chugga of modern metal that is so popular these days (oh boy, do I sound old now), but it also got strong melodies. I like this. Anders Ekdahl

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