DEVIL’S FORCE ”Unholy Force”

”Unholy Force”
(Iron Fist Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Do you remember Scheitan or The Moaning? I do. Those were some really cool 90s bands that I really liked. DEVIL’S FORCE is Pierre Törnkvist’s new endeavor. This is musically old school in that it does remind of early Sodom and black/speed metal of that era. There is very much Sodom in this. and since I love Sodom this one sits really nice with me. It is not just Sodom. There is more to it but my ears tell me that it all starts with Sodom and then builds and builds until it becomes something all its own. I have heard a ton of bands since the very first time I heard a single extreme metal track but I always seem to return to the beginning when I listen to music. This was a nice demo. Anders Ekdahl

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