Dew Scented – “Intermination”


Dew Scented – “Intermination” (Metal Blade Records)

One of Germany’s longest running death / thrash bands, Dew Scented see their 20th anniversary in with their 10th album no less! With a name inspired by Edgar Allen Poe and a recurring theme of all their albums beginning with the letter ‘I’, Dew Scented are well known all over Europe where they’ve played a slew of festivals (Hellfest, Wacken, Party San, Neurotic Deathfest, Bang Your Head, Summer Breeze, Brutal Assault and more), as well as Euro support tours of Nile, Melechesh, Bolt Thrower and Rotting Christ – to name but a few! The band seemed to be on a roll until 2011, when everyone left except for founder vocalist Leif Jensen, who amazingly put together another line-up of Dutch guys like guitarists Marvin Vriesde and Rory Hansen (Severe Torture, Blo.Torch), drummer Koen Herfst (Epica) and bassist Joost van der Graaf (Creepmime, Sinister)! “Intermination” is the band’s second release with this line up and the outstanding musicianship is clearly evidenced across the material on songs like ‘On A Collision Course’, ‘Declaration Of Intent’ and ‘Scars Of Creation’. Unsurprisingly there is now a Dutch style to the sound, but the impressive quality of the deadly riffs and dark melodies backed by Koen’s driving precision double bass drum work make that a non issue given the high standard of the 13 tracks herein. Compared in the past to Slayer given Jensen’s throat strained Araya-esque vocals and are certainly apparent on the likes of ‘Reborn’, Dew Scented’s chopping, relentless furor and brilliant technical capability nevertheless stand them in their own right deserved of their hard-earned reputation and an army of still devoted fans!

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