DEXTER WARD “Neon Lights”

“Neon Lights”
(Iron on Iron)
This is one of those band names that I find confusing. Is it a band or a solo artist? If it is a band; then who the hell is Dexter Ward? Not that it really matters. All that matters is if the music is any good. They could have the best band name in metal history and still suck big times. Thankfully Dexter Ward does not suck. In fact they are a rather cool metal band in a good old heavy metal way. This is metal for all those of us who like bands like Brocas Helm, Cirith Ungol and any other trad metal band from the States that you can think of. The origin of Dexter Ward is not known to me at this date, not that it matters. This is some pretty cool heavy metal no matter where they are from. Check it out. Anders Ekdahl

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