Battle Helm Rating

This is apparently just a bunch of kids playing metal. Not that age matters. It is all about the music but truth be told that with age comes experience. The older you are the longer you’ve lived. But I am not age discriminating. This could very well blow my socks off. I gotta say that the first thing I thought to myself was that this sucks major league but then I started to listen to it and while it isn’t my fave release this week there is something to this that made me think of a cross between The Exploited and Dead Kennedys. I am not really sure if this is my thing. There are too many small details that kinda annoys me about this. it is too much Primus gone extreme metal or Presidents of the Unites States Of America gone extreme for me to feel really comfortable with this. Not what I had hoped for. This is too eclectic for me. Anders Ekdahl

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