I love German thrash. Have done so since the day I heard the big German 3 for the first time. Modern day German thrash don’t have the same identity as the first bands had. Nowadays you really can’t tell where a band comes from really. It could be a bad thing as much as a good thing depending on the way you look at it. DIABOLUS DUST might not be a thrash metal band per see. They are more a heavy metal band with a thrash edge. What I do miss a bit is a bit more bite to the songs. Don’t know if it is because it sounds like they’ve recorded in a tin box when I play this on my computer (those damn digital files again). They have the singer with the right bite. I just wish that the songs had the same bite. But that aside this is a pretty cool metal album. I like the melodies. I like the singer and on the whole I like the album. Anders Ekdahl

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