Diabulus in Musica – “Dirge For The Archons”


Diabulus in Musica – “Dirge For The Archons” (Napalm Records)

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Based on an Atlantean concept, you can almost feel the cataclysm befalling that ancient lost city thanks to the symphonic bombast of this Spanish metal band! Formed just over a decade ago, they’ve released 3 prior albums and right from the start have set a high standard, working with names like Sascha Paeth and Jacob Hansen as well as the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Spanish National Choir, not to mention friends like Mark Jansen (Epica), Ailyn (Sirenia) and Thomas Vikström (Therion). Well known touring wise in Europe and also Latin America, this 4th release is nothing short of an epic masterpiece! A mixture of full on, operatic symphonic metal but also a very stylish gothic tinged rock, Diabulus in Musica seem to have it all wrapped up in one superb package. From the delicate feline wails of Zuberoa Aznárez tastefully complemented by keyboardist Gorka Elso’s beastly grunts, both show their classical backgrounds in skillfully working with orchestrations and choirs. Given the extensive range of pieces here from metal to ambient to rock, I really have to take my hat off to them – along with the rest of the new(ish) band noting especially Alexey Kolygin’s talented guitar work in being so sharp in their performances! Even more so, Zuberoa’s compositions really go to the soul and exude a powerful atmosphere, captivating and holding the listener throughout the 13 tracks here from the epic opera of ‘Earthly Illusions‘ to the serenity of ‘Bane’ and the flowing choral bliss of ‘The Voice Of Your Dreams‘. Certainly befitting the album’s mystical concept, “Dirge For The Archons” shows the talent of this band, and while being confined to one of the smaller European markets, definitely deserve more attention for their commendable efforts.

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