DIAMOND HEAD ”Death And Progress” ”Evil Live”

”Death And Progress”
”Evil Live”

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In the 80s I had heard of DIAMOND HEAD and their magic debut album. I wasn’t too impressed with what I had heard about them but then I found that album in a bargain bin and I bought it (my father paid for it) and brought it home. Still not too impressed I put it away. Then came Metallica proclaiming their love for DIAMOND HEAD and doing a cover of “Am I Evil”. But not even that convinced me that this was great. So I never really bothered to keep checking them out. Which is why I missed out on their fourth album “Death And Porgress”. Listening to it today makes me realize that even though it is a great album I would probably not have bothered with it back in 94 when I was deep in my death and thrash phase. But then who knows. This is progressive enough to have been of interest to me even back then. it is when I listen to DIAMOND HEAD’s back catalogue that I realize how underappreciated they really are. Metallica sure did their thing to rekindle an interest but DIAMOND HEAD should have elevated beyond cult status a long time ago. As I am not a big live album fan “Evil Live” passes by more as a parenthesis, an album you gotta have to make your collection complete. But nobody can ever question the role DIAMOND HEAD have in the play we call heavy metal. But they should not be reduced to just a cult act, they should be revered as a great band no matter what. Anders Ekdahl

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