Diamond Plate – “Generation Why?”

Diamond Plate
“Generation Why?”
(Earache Records)

Straight outta the windy city (aka Chicago) comes the latest mid west thrash export in the form of Diamond Plate! Right off the bat, what immediately jumps out is how European these guys sound, especially Jon Macak’s vocals, which could have Kreator’s throat screechmeister Mille Petrozza hopping mad LOL. Chuck in Polish emigre Konrad Kupiec on guitars (who’s a big Vader fan) and it doesn’t come as a surprise that songs like ‘Pull The Trigger’, ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ and the epic finale of ‘Empire Tommorrow’ are high speed precision thrash that equally owe their roots to Megadeth and melodies of Priest. Despite what appears to be a basic formula, it’s no mean feat to sound original in the thrash genre, and certainly DP are far off that, but nevertheless their musicianship is highly competent for such a young band, and with a fierce burning ambition to match their music, their sights look set for conquest on both sides of the Atlantic!

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