Diamondog – “Faithful Unto Death”

Diamondog – “Faithful Unto Death” (Liljegren Records / Doolittle Group)

Yeeeaaahh babaay – this is high energy rock from Norway’s Diamondog! These guys are the steroid-ed rock out version of Hanoi Rocks with the gutter punk rock attitude of GnR from their heavy, rumbling bass to their roll-tha-dice geetar and of course, a crashing smashing rhythm! Diamondog have been goin since ’88 and it’s a shame I haven’t heard of them outside their native Scandinavia cos they really are a kick ass band, and hopefully “Faithful Unto Death” will change all that with its 11 fiery songs from the Offspring like ‘Let The Fight Begin’ to the Motorhead-esque ‘Like A Diamond’ and the GnR sidewalk struttin’ ‘If’ – this is the way high energy rock should be and Diamondog are one ugly mutt that won’t stop barking!

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