Diatonic – “Hidden Pieces”


Diatonic – “Hidden Pieces” (Into the Night Records)

Diatonic is the solo project of one Joakim Antman, a young Swede who has played in a number of prior bands (including The Ugly and Overtorture), mainly on bass. Here, however, he gets to show his multi instrumental capability (with the exception of the drums handled by Marduk’s Fredrik Widigs no less!) along with all the composing – and it works a treat! Anyone into old school Death or early In Flames will lap this album up, especially now that its available on a proper CD release, having only previously been digital. From his roaring, bestial vocals to the massive chugging guitars and even deeper bass, its clear Antman is a very talented guy indeed, getting all the elements right to create some quality death metal in songs like the grim ‘Burning Within’ with its buzz saw guitars or the melodic death of ‘Led By The Mind’ with its prominent flowing melodies and staccato beats and the somber doom death of ‘Only I’, ably backed by Widigs high precision technical drumming. Despite being a one man project, Antman’s compositions show no rush but rather a quiet confidence in a clear mix that allows all the beats and instruments to be heard, reflecting his talent. All in all an impressive introduction so I can’t wait for his new album next year!

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